There are some books that you read, and then after a few weeks you forget about them. They occasionally cross your mind when something specific happens, and you reminisce for a minute before moving on.

Then there are the books that you find yourself thinking about weeks later. Months later. Years later. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, and the characters you read about months ago are just as important to you as they were when you first fell in love with the book. You’re still contemplating what happened, and the justices and injustices your protagonist and company faced…

I have many books that fall into the former category, but very few that fall into the latter. The classic fandom ones: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, etc. And then the ones that really haunt me personally: The Chemical Garden trilogy (Lauren DeStefano), How to Say Goodbye in Robot (Natalie Standiford), The Uninvited (Tim Wynne-Jones), The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater), The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd).

I guess what I’m saying is go out and read, my friends. Some of these books may grow to define you. They’ll keep you up at night. They’ll speak about your character. They’ll comfort you. They’ll keep you questioning the world. It’s so, so worth it.

Also, the biggest thank you in the world to the authors who’ve inspired me and helped me to question the world I live in. You’ll never know how much you mean to me.

❝ People do not seem to realise that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character. ❞

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (via belowjob)

❝ Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say. ❞

- Mitch Albom, Have a Little Faith  (via hay-girl-hay-lesbifriends)

❝ All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair. ❞

- Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven (via observando)

Treesofreverie’s April Read-A-Thon!


I’ve decided to hold a read-a-thon event! We’re now over a quarter of the way through 2014, so it’s a great time to assess where you are with your reading goals and progress for the year.

How can I join?

  • Anyone is free to join! Please REBLOG this post if you are interested in taking part in the read-a-thon.
  • Official participation ‘entries’ will close on Thursday, April 17 at 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. This will be so I can create a post listing all participants of the read-a-thon.
  • If you’re interested, please send me a message (or fanmail) with the usernames or websites that you will be using to post updates on your read-a-thon progress (some examples are listed in the next section). I will include links to your profiles on the final post of official participation entries so that others can easily find you and follow your progress!
  • You don’t have to be following me to be part of this event, but there will be extra benefits available to my followers who are taking part in the read-a-thon!

When and where will the read-a-thon be held?

  • This event will be held for ONE WEEK in April 2014, from Wednesday 23rd - Tuesday 29th.
  • The read-a-thon will be based mainly on Tumblr, but I encourage you all to post and share your reading progress and experiences on other social networking sites such as Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram. Please feel free to use other sites as I’ve just listed a few as examples.
  • If you have a book blog outside of Tumblr, (Wordpress, Blogspot, etc.) then you are welcome to discuss your reading progress there.
  • Make sure to tag all of your posts relevant to the read-a-thon with #treesofreveriereadathon so that everyone can share in your bookish adventures!

What does the read-a-thon involve?

  • The main goal of this read-a-thon is to get people reading and actively sharing their reading experiences.
  • If you’re looking for a reason or a motivational push to start reading again (or to get out of that reading slump) then this is a fantastic opportunity to get back into books!
  • You can read as many or as few books as you want. There is no minimum or limit; it’s completely up to you.
  • You don’t have to read on every single day of the read-a-thon week. I understand how busy life can be, so if you feel more comfortable narrowing down your personal read-a-thon time to just one or two days then this is absolutely fine!
  • You may like to set a reading goal for the week (and to help you achieve this or any other reading goals, there will be some prompts available in the activities section).

Will there be any extra read-a-thon activities?

  • I have quite a few exciting things I’m sharing with my fellow readers during the read-a-thon. Each of the following things will have their own posts that you can use and share, so keep an eye out for them closer to the date of the read-a-thon!
  • Reading Prompts: Having trouble deciding which book to read next? These are some questions that will help you decide which books are right for you to read during the read-a-thon!
  • Reading Questions: Do you want to become a more active reader? This is the perfect activity for you to utilise! These questions will cover what books you’re currently reading, as well as offer an opportunity to reflect on how your year has gone so far in the world of books and reading.
  • TREESOFREVERIE’S APRIL READ-A-THON BOOK GIVEAWAY! There are three books for three different winners up for grabs! This will be open internationally and is only open for my followers who sign up and participate in the read-a-thon. More details will be posted shortly before the read-a-thon begins.

The hashtag for the read-a-thon event is #treesofreveriereadathon so don’t forget to tag your posts (across all social media sites) so that others can find and follow your reading process and experience!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the read-a-thon, please feel free to send me a message.